Sonntag, 11. Januar 2015


Since I started this blog more towards the end of the year, I couldn't post my travel "diaries" earlier. I love travelling, but since I still need to finish school, I am only able to travel and discover new countries once or twice a year, with an exception of flying back home to motherland of course.
My all-time favorite travel buddy would definitely be my boyfriend. Berlin was up for the year 2014 and it was also our third city together.
Anyways, I picked out my personal favorite pictures from our mini trip and all I can say is, I will definitely visit Berlin again and hopefully soon.

(PS: I'm sorry for the low quality. Pictures were all taken with my iphone! But whatevs. It's all about the experience! :P)

 ready for take-off. 
leggings H&M
top ZARA
shoes ADIDAS



 Sony Center

 Brandenburg Gate

Holocaust memorial

I hope I could inspire you to visit this awesome city one day. It is truly one of my favorite cities so far. Plus, everything seems to be so much more cheaper :O so if that isn't something worth going, then idek. Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend! :)



What's good, everyone?

I sure do hope, all of you had a wonderful christmas and a happy new year! I know I haven't posted in a while now, simply because I needed to focus on other things. Nevertheless, I'm starting this year with a fresh new blog post. Seriously, I'm still not sure if I can pull this whole blogging thing off. I feel like I need to own/take pictures with a fancy DSLR camera (which I actually do own), but it's quite frustrating to be honest. #lazyyyyyy
Anyways, what are your NY resolutions? Me personally, I don't have any.. Just because, I strongly know, I won't be following through them. Well, atleast I am honest about it, right? 

But.. I can't quite call this a resolution, but I will try extra harder to update my blog. I'm thinking about weekly? We'll see. Let's hope though, this is one "resolution" I can accomplish!