Freitag, 12. Dezember 2014


Just like everyone else, I also I have a wish list for this year.. or more like for this years christmas. I know, you should be grateful for things you already have, but sometimes, maybe once a year, you should get something from your wishlist to reward yourself.

1. MCM Medium Heritag Flap bag

2. Muji drawers

3. NARS Holiday Cheek Palette 2014

4. LOUIS VUITTON Sac a Fleur Bag Charm/Key Chain

5. Entire series: FRIENDS

As you can see, I kept my wishlist very simple and realistic, since I don't ask for much this year. Always keep in mind, that you are lucky to even wish for things, and sometimes to even fulfill them.


Donnerstag, 13. November 2014

fall 2014 - my must-haves

Personally, fall is my all time favorite season. I love every bit of it. The layering of clothes, the colors, and especially the fact, that christmas isn't far away from it.
Fall is also, in my opinion, the only season where you can dress up and even dress down. It's not too warm yet not too cold. Perfect for experimenting and overcoming your fear of trying on new trends.

Here are my personal must-haves/favorites for fall:


 1) Over sized open poncho by Burberry: This piece says fall just by looking at it. I especially love the colors, and the fact that this poncho is understated makes it even more unique.

2) Bomber jacket by Phillip Lim: At first, I thought bomber jackets were just overrated, everywhere you go, all you see are plain bomber jacket, so I didn't even bother to buy one. But, when I saw how easy it is to dress up or down with a bomber jacket, I had to get me one.


1) Pashli mini satchel by Phillip Lim: Darkgreen/olivegreen and emerald green bags are so underrated! I think they are perfect for fall. They just match with everything.

2) Backpack by Alexander Wang: Throughout the past few years, backpacks have become so popular again. I personally love city backpacks! They're just so casual and easy to wear. 


1) Oversized turtle neck sweater: Perfect for fall, that's all I have to say. They are the perfect mix of chic, warm and the most important criteria, comfortable! 


1) Chelsea boots: My all time favorite booties for the time of fall! I've been wearing and collecting them the past few years now actually, and I never, ever, miss the chance of wearing them, right when the calendar says: It's fall..

2) Rain booties by Hunter: Unfortunately, fall is also very known for its rainy days. I find, that the Hunter Booties are so much fun and casual than the tall ones. Idk, there is just something unique about the short boots. With some colored Hunter boots, those rainy days actually don't sound that bad after all.

3) Fancy booties: Everyone needs a pair of booties that just makes your whole outfit so much more interesting. I personally, love booties that are so out of this world. Especially booties, that have a specific, dainty detail, that makes the shoes even more unique.

4) Sneakers, Internationalist by Nike: For someone who loves collecting sneakers, I could wear them throughout the whole year. Even in winter. But, there's just something about wearing sneakers in fall.. I personally, love pairing them with EVERYTHING. Yes, everything.. Even to a really fancy, shmancy outfit..


1) Blankety scarf with hound's-tooth print: I adore this kind of print for fall. The black and white on it, screams classy, but yet, it also says fall all over it.

2) Leather gloves with details by Henri Bendel: The chains on it. Nuff said..

3) The One perfume by Dolce&Gabbana: My personal favorite fragrance for fall and winter. It has such a warm and strong smell, but it also gives you a lady like appearance when passing towards someone.

Those were my favorite fall pieces a.k.a. Must-Haves. I hope you kind of got inspired and might get a thing or two from your favorite store today :)


Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2014


Hi there! 
Glad you landed here on my blog. Whether it was on accident or the struggle of finding my blog, aka. stalking, and if so, you clearly have a problem. O.O Anyways, welcome. I think this is my 3rd time attempting this blog thingy, simply because a), I always forgot to post anything or b), there was honestly never anything interesting to post. Well, let's just take that as being "lazy".. #sorrynotsorry Og, did I just really hashtagged something on my blog? Wrong network ain't it? #sowhat #imdifferent

Ok, enough bs. This post should serve as an "introduction" of myself.. of my blog.

My name is M.A., but friends call me 'Annie' or sometimes 'Anney', which is like my "cooler" nickname.. Nevermind, I created this blog to share my favorites. Favorites as in. Everything I fancy, everything I want, everything I wish for. Long story short, I post stuff that makes girls gaga, go loco and everything else. Basically also to inspire and aspire. Just being me and never let someone tell me this or that is in, this or that is already soooo out of style, this or that is sooo wrong for you, this or that does not suit you, this or that does not look good on you, this or that is sooo "uh-uh". No. This or that, is all me. Whether you like it or not. My blog, my this or that..

Have fun! But don't get lost..

NAME Annie