Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2014


Hi there! 
Glad you landed here on my blog. Whether it was on accident or the struggle of finding my blog, aka. stalking, and if so, you clearly have a problem. O.O Anyways, welcome. I think this is my 3rd time attempting this blog thingy, simply because a), I always forgot to post anything or b), there was honestly never anything interesting to post. Well, let's just take that as being "lazy".. #sorrynotsorry Og, did I just really hashtagged something on my blog? Wrong network ain't it? #sowhat #imdifferent

Ok, enough bs. This post should serve as an "introduction" of myself.. of my blog.

My name is M.A., but friends call me 'Annie' or sometimes 'Anney', which is like my "cooler" nickname.. Nevermind, I created this blog to share my favorites. Favorites as in. Everything I fancy, everything I want, everything I wish for. Long story short, I post stuff that makes girls gaga, go loco and everything else. Basically also to inspire and aspire. Just being me and never let someone tell me this or that is in, this or that is already soooo out of style, this or that is sooo wrong for you, this or that does not suit you, this or that does not look good on you, this or that is sooo "uh-uh". No. This or that, is all me. Whether you like it or not. My blog, my this or that..

Have fun! But don't get lost..

NAME Annie

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